Cheapshot leads to mass brawl in Russian MMA event

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The audience at an amateur MMA event in Dagestan this past weekend got more than they bargained for when a cheapshot during the main event led to a mass brawl in the ring.

The bout saw up-and-coming Russian professional MMA fighter Vladimir Mineev going up against a local Dagestan amateur fighter named Aziz Djamuniyazov, with his intention being to, “match his strength against local fighters and gain invaluable experience.”

Mineev already holds an 8-1 pro-record as a middleweight, including a win over former UFC fighter Xavier Foupa-Pokam, aka ‘Professor X,’ but had suffered his loss to another ex-UFC competitor Maiqeul Falcao back in December of 2016.

On paper, Saturday night’s fight should have led to a confidence-boosting win for Mineev against a less experienced opponent, but instead it resulted in chaotic scene when bad blood spilled over between the two in the ring.

The flashpoint occurred at the end of the fight, with Djamuniyazov claiming that Mineev had held onto a choke from his back after the bell sounded.

In response, when Djamuniyazov stood up he aimed a kick backwards at his still-grounded opponent as he walked away.

Angered by that cheapshot, Mineev quickly got to his feet and started punching his rival, and that led to mayhem in the arena as both sets of cornermen, plus dozens of spectators swarmed the ring.

Despite things having spiraled completely out of control, the two fighters were kept apart and emerged unscathed.

Later that night it seems that cooler heads prevailed, with Mineev claiming on Instagram that he’d “drawn a line under the matter” and held no ill-will, adding that that it had been “a great and memorable day.”

Nonetheless, after video footage of the incident went viral the Russian MMA Federation quickly moved to disqualify Djamuniyazov for kicking his opponent and annulled the result of the fight.

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