Cyborg chases trainer out to the street and UNLOADS on him

Friday, September 22, 2017

Watching Mike Tyson stare at you from across the ring. Stepping foot in the UFC Octagon. Stumbling upon a clown in the sewers holding a balloon. Pouring your cereal in your bowl and realizing you’ve run out of milk.

What do these things have in common?

Answer: they’re probably less intimidating than the thought of UFC Women’s Featherweight champion Cris Cyborg chasing you in the streets of Thailand to beat the s**t out of you.

Cyborg won the vacant UFC Featherweight strap back in July at UFC 214 against Tonya Evinger en route to a TKO win. Now Cyborg is kind of running out of solid foes to fight. Apart from Holly Holm, fellow fighters aren’t exactly lining up to face the terrifying knockout artist. This week, though, Ronda Rousey’s coach Edmond Taverdyan has expressed interest in a fight with the dominant Brazilian champ. Her answer? Cyborg is down to fight Rousey… in the WWE ring. Apparently, Rousey’s string of back-to-back defeats has made her lose credibility to the eyes of the Brazilian. It appears the long-awaited showdown between the two most charismatic female fighters in history will have to wait. Before we might see Cyborg throwing a ladder at Rousey at the next Wrestlemania the champ is polishing her striking skills out at Phuket Top Team in Thailand, a camp she has trained with numerous times.

Cyborg chases trainer on the street and beats him up
Cyborg chases trainer on the street and beats him up

Cyborg used to be apart of the Chute Boxe team, a camp that has gone down in history as the place where inflicting tangible brain trauma on your partner was considered normal sparring. So yeah, Cyborg is tough. Very tough. And that aspect of her game shows up in the way she trains. She didn’t get on top of the MMA world by slacking during training, after all.

Watch as Cyborg unleashes on her poor trainer and proceeds to chase him on the street.

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