Devastating groin kick lands in MMA fight – OUCH!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Groin kicks are an unfortunate part of MMA that occur quite regularly with varying levels of severity. Despite fighters wearing cups, you still are going to feel even the slightest tap let alone a full on kick to your nether regions.

Also, if your cup does not fit 100% properly things can slip out and go underneath the cup which is probably going to hurt even more if you get hit there.

In this MMA fight from June 10th, 2017 at event ‘Road FC 39 – Road Fighting Championship 39’ we see one such example of a BRUTAL groin kick that ends the fight prematurely after the recipient is unable to continue.

The recipient of the low blow is Chinese MMA fighter Aorigele and you can tell from his reaction that the accidental shot did some serious damage. It looks like the blow landed by his opponent, Hyun Man Myung, landed on the shin region too opposed to the foot which we normally see in these instances so it’s no wonder it did so much damage.

Usually in these instances when throwing the inside leg kick the foot slides up the leg and just grazes the cup area but in this case, it’s a full on shin to the privates which would be absolutely devastating.

Road FC released a statement on Aorigele’s condition earlier today and it is reported Aorigele was taken to the hospital immediately following this bout but was later released without suffering any lasting damage.

Aorigele is originally from China’s Inner Mongolia province, the same rugged interior region that produces so many of China’s top fighters. He began wrestling as a small child and was identified as a top prospect while still only a teenager by legendary Chinese Sanda coach Zhao Xuejun. Aorigele is now part of Xian Sports Academy’s elite fight team and supplements his training at China Top Team in Beijing. With a 39-6 Sanda record and the Inner Mongolia State Sanda Championship under his belt, Aorigele has earned the nickname Tornado for his trademark Sanda-style hip throws. Having started competing in professional MMA as a 17-year old, Aorigele is looking forward to a long career representing China on the international MMA stage. [Source: Tapology]

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