Drunken sparring night at MMA gym?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

In this video, we see an MMA gym in Japan undergoing a little different type of training – they are sparring each other after they’ve had a few drinks.

While this may seem very bizarre and perhaps not all that safe, Luke Holloway, the head trainer here, makes a good point at the beginning of the video. He says most real-life street fights happen at bars/clubs when both parties are usually well-liquored up so it almost makes pretty good sense to practice in that state.

The one issue that could arise from this, however, is an increased risk of head trauma as when you’re intoxicated you are more often than not dehydrated, which is not good and quite risky.

Drunken sparring night at MMA gym?
Drunken sparring night at MMA gym?

Alcohol also affects your judgment so you may be more likely to spar harder than you normally would. The guys in this video don’t seem to be sparring very hard though, as Mr. Holloway keeps a watchful eye on them.

Is this a good practice or too risky and harmful? Watch the video below and find out for yourself.

Luke Holloway is the Founder of Raw Combat International and the creator of the T.V. Series “Keep it Raw” (Loaded TV/Sky Network 2012 – 2013) which he produced, directed and hosted. Living a lifestyle of Martial Arts, Hunting and Survival since a young age in Australia, Luke grew up training in as many ‘Styles’ as he possibly could. However, it wasn’t until working as a ‘Bouncer’ and also in Close Protection & consulting that he came to deal with serious violence as a professional on a very regular basis. With the understanding of how to deal with aggressors, violence and survive high-risk situations and environments, Luke developed his training methods based on pressure testing all ‘techniques’ and drills to see what adaptations are needed to be functional in REAL situations. [Source: Luke-Holloway.com]

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