Female fights male opponent in Army Combatives match

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In this video of an Army combatives MMA fight, we see something a little different as a female combatant fights a male opponent.

While some females are certainly capable of overcoming male opponents, there is still a huge advantage in the male frame in terms of physical strength and striking power (unless you’re fighting Gabi Garcia).

You’ve also got to think for the man, this is pretty much a lose/lose situation and makes you question why any man would ever agree to fight a woman.

For the woman, though, training and competing against men is probably good for self-defense purposes as it would prepare them more for a real world encounter against a man who wishes to harm them, more so than training with a woman would.

Nevertheless, it is still very controversial and around the 2:40 mark of the video when the guy tries to blast his female opponent with a big right hand, it just doesn’t look right.

Female fights male opponent in Army Combatives match
Female fights male opponent in Army Combatives match

It does look a little telegraphed, though, perhaps purposeful, and other than that it appears he was taking it easy on her for the most part. The female combatant was even able to reverse him on the ground briefly but alas, her success was short lived.

Watch the video below to see how it ends.

As you can see in the video, Modern Army Combatives is very similar to modern day MMA with an emphasis on grappling as well as continued training. The goal of the combatives training isn’t simply to teach soldiers how to defend themselves, but more so, to teach them how to train correctly in their unarmed skills to keep them progressing.

One of the first three combatives black belts ever is former UFC fighter and Army Ranger Tim Kennedy who was also one of the few fighters to simultaneously serve while fighting professionally.

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