Female fights male opponent in MMA – does NOT go as expected

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The UFC’s women’s divisions have been around for quite some time now but it wasn’t too long ago that there were no women’s fights and it didn’t seem like that would ever change.

Nowadays, though, the UFC women’s fights often tend to be the most exciting fights on the card. They’re all highly skilled too and pretty much on the same level with the men, technique-wise. But, a woman could still never fight a man in an MMA fight and be competitive, right?

In this video, we see that very scenario take place as female MMA fighter, named Sherisse Subero, takes on a male opponent and it doesn’t go like you’d necessarily expect.

This exhibition match took place at event ‘MMA in Paradise 4’ in the British Virgin Islands and while you can tell the man isn’t going quite 100%, he’s definitely putting at least a little effort into it.

Female vs male MMA fight - does NOT go as expected
Female vs male MMA fight – does NOT go as expected

For the woman, training and competing against male opponents is probably actually good for self-defense training purposes as it would prepare you for a real-world encounter versus a man who wishes to harm you.

But for the man, it kind of makes you wonder why he would ever agree to such a match as it really is a lose-lose situation. Perhaps he lost a best or he’s doing it for some other ulterior purpose but whatever the case, it’s just not a good look.

With that being said, though, sometimes it’s interesting to speculate how some elite-level female MMA fighters would do against a male opponent. Some might not do too bad, I’d reckon.

Cris Cyborg, for instance, is one such female fighter who could probably hang with her male featherweight counterparts but it could probably never happen, at least in the UFC.

Anyways, check out the above video to see how the female does against a male opponent, you may very well be surprised.

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