Female kickboxer vs. GIANT Judo black belt in MMA fight

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

There’s been a lot of freak show fights in mixed martial arts over the years, but only on rare occasions do they involve two female combatants, as was the case in this video.

The female equivalent of ‘David vs. Goliath,’ this fight out of Japan saw a giant judo practitioner going up against a much smaller kickboxer.

The middle-aged judoka towered head and shoulders above her opponent and reportedly had a staggering 155lbs weight advantage, tipping the scales at a whopping 265lbs.

Despite that huge size discrepancy, the kickboxer showed no fear and looked to strategically wear down her opponent in the early stages of the fight, using the tried and tested method of staying light on her feet and utilizing constant movement to keep distance, while peppering the judoka with kicks and the occasional punch to the legs and body.

The idea here was to gradually wear down her opponent, sap her strength and drain her cardio, leaving her vulnerable to being finished later in the contest.

However, at this early stage in the fight, her opponent continued to lumber forward regardless, throwing some kicks and punches of her own that lacked any semblance of technique, suggesting that she hadn’t even considered the possibility of training striking in the lead up to the fight.

That being said, this was a classic style vs. style match-up, so the kickboxer would be just as exposed technically if the fight was to hit the mat.

The judoka knew that and so she continued to look to close the distance and it didn’t take long before her persistence paid off as she managed to corner the kickboxer and grab hold of her, bringing audible gasps from the Japanese crowd in attendance.

The judo player then brought the kickboxer into her world with a bang by taking her down courtesy of a head and arm throw, then applied a neck crank that soon had her opponent frantically tapping out with her feet!

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