Glove touch at beginning of fight goes wrong

Monday, January 09, 2017

Touching gloves in MMA is seen as a mutual show of respect between competitors at the start of the match, but it should still be done with caution.

Usually most guys will discuss it before the bell rings usually with a gesture of raising your glove, essentially asking your opponent if he or she wishes to touch gloves. They can either nod yes or no and if they do nothing at all you can probably guess what that means.

In this unfortunate gif the losing fighter probably did not do his due diligence before the bell rung and got suckered by a big right hand that ended the fight as soon as it started.

Like the referee will usually tell the fighters before hand, you must defend yourself at all times in there. Also, you are usually given a chance before the fight officially begins to touch gloves so there is no real reason to put yourself at risk once the fight begins, unless it is discussed beforehand. However, even if you choose to indeed touch gloves there is a way to do it carefully, with your guard still up and maintaining proper distance. The guy who lost this fight learned a costly lesson.

So did the guy who won the fight do anything wrong? From this different angle it sure appears so:

It is clear he makes it look like he is going to touch gloves then when the other fighter goes to do the same he blasts him with a cheap shot. What he did was not illegal or against the rules, it was just classless and the MMA community does not take kindly to this type of behavior.

Though he did officially get the victory, he probably lost a lot of potential fans as well and did not represent martial arts in a positive way here.

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