Guy trains for fight by ‘drinking heavily’ – does not go well

Monday, February 13, 2017

When a fighter says in a pre-fight interview that they prepared for the fight by ‘drinking heavily’ you know it is not going to end well for them.

Though it’s possible he was just joking around prior in this video of an old school MMA fight, he is clearly not taking it seriously which is not a good sign.

This goofy fighter is named ‘Thadius Romberg’ and he is clearly in way over his head before this one even begins, just judging from his strange interview before the fight.

His opponent ‘Linquist’ meanwhile has a legitimate martial arts background according to the commentators. He has a background is both wrestling and taekwondo which is sure a lot better than ‘heavily drinking’ as a background.

This event took place in 2001 for the promotion ‘Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota’ and it’s safe to say the talent level is nowhere near where it is today.

When the fight goes down it is quite clear than Romberg has next to no idea what he’s doing in there, though that doesn’t stop him from coming out strong. The only reason he wasn’t knocked out immediately is because his opponent wasn’t super high level himself either.

Look at the way Romberg throws his punches with his chin straight up in there air, with no thought of defense in his mind. Then when he gets whacked he turns his back on his opponent and runs away which is a big no no.

The only redeeming quality of this fight is the quick stoppage which is actually nice to see for once. The referee was quick to jump in there and that prevented Romberg from taking any more damage. Though in reality this fight probably should never have been made to begin with and ‘Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota’ should have vetted their fighters a little better.

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