INSANE back-and-forth skilled battle ends in KO

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

One of the best bouts in recent memory from the Russian promotion ‘Arrows Street Fight’ showcased an exciting back-and-forth battle between two promising young MMA fighters.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what the names of the two amateur fighters competing here are, but our best guess is that the competitor in the black and white shorts is Karlov Andrey and his opponent in the red and black Venom shorts is Maslov Nikita.

With a touch of gloves, they were underway and it was Nikita who immediately went on the attack with three hard body kicks.

Andrey looked to counter, just missing with a left hook, but as he then continued pressing forward, Nikita nicely countered with a right hook and then dove in for a takedown.

Andrey stuffed that and looked to establish his position on top, only for Nikita to scramble on top and land some body shots.

The action didn’t stall there though, with Andrey managing to get back up and unleash a series of punches, with a couple of left hooks, in particular, finding their mark cleanly.

That forced Nikita to back up, landing a body kick as he did so and then a head kick that was blocked.

Soon after both fighters traded punches toe-to-toe and it was Andrey who got the better of it, landing a couple of left hooks again and then a big right that seemed to stagger Nikita, who stumbled into a takedown, but it didn’t work out and Andrey got on top.

Nikita stayed calm though and neatly timed a reversal and then went for a heel hook submission. Andrey managed to get out of that, but Nikita remained on top and quickly passed into full mount.

From there Nikita was able to land a consistent barrage of ground and pound until Andrey gave up his back, at which point he flattened him out and landed more unanswered blows to the head until the referee stopped the fight, handing Nikita the TKO victory.

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