INSANE MMA ‘prank’ you have to see to believe

Friday, March 09, 2018

Getting punched in the face sucks and you should never let anyone punch you in the face willy-nilly. You can get your teeth knocked out, lose consciousness and sustain other serious and grave injuries all just from a hard punch to the face.

Even in training during sparring when the punches start to fly, it should always be done in a controlled manner so that nobody is getting injured or sustaining damage that will affect their long-term health.

In this video, however, we see some people who don’t seem to fully realize the dangers of getting punched as a young kid wearing a blindfold is essentially sucker punched by a much larger dude that seemingly knocks him to the ground, if not completely unconscious.

During this so-called ‘prank’, it is hard to tell exactly what is going on as the video is in Swedish, but one thing is for sure, that punch definitely landed HARD as you can see for yourself in the below video.

INSANE MMA 'prank' you have to see to believe
INSANE MMA ‘prank’ you have to see to believe

Another very dangerous and stupid aspect of this video is that the recipient of the punch doesn’t seem to be wearing a mouth guard either. He is lucky he didn’t get any or all of his teeth knocked out which can easily happen when no mouthguard is worn.

Also, the fact that he is wearing a blindfold makes the punch much more devastating as you can’t brace yourself for it and, much as the old adage goes, it’s the punch you don’t see coming that tends to hurt you the most.

So while it is unclear if the punch actually knocked him out cold in this video, as he eventually wakes up and says “prank!”, but that punch definitely landed and whether or not the guy is wearing gloves, it’s still going to hurt and they should all consider themselves lucky nobody was seriously hurt here.

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