Karate noob vs. street fighter – someone gets SMOKED

Sunday, July 16, 2017

In this MMA fight, we see what happens when an alleged karate practitioner fights a street fighter and it does not last all that long.

This fight took place on October 23, 2004, in Sandy, Utah at the event ‘UCE Brawls of Fall 2 – Episode 3’ which was under promotion Ultimate Combat Experience (UCE).

The karate practitioner in this video is named Vermont ‘Rakashin’ Evans and allegedly only trained in karate for just a year and a half prior to this fight.

His opponent, the so-called street fighter, is named Jason Saville and though his background is almost just as sketchy he at least had one professional fight prior to this one which he won by submission. He also appears to be in pretty good shape.

The same can’t be said for ‘Rakashin’ though as it looks like he’s never exercised a day in his life. His karate background appears dubious as well but karate schools and practitioners can vary quite wildly in their ability and training.

Karate, as a martial art, is very susceptible to the ‘McDojo’ trend where naive people show up to just get a black belt and never learn any real skills. That’s not all dojos though as there are of course a lot of legitimate karate schools out there and many UFC fighters even got their start in karate. Kyokushin karate seems to be the most legitimate style and is always a good pick.

As far as the fight is concerned, the karate practitioner stars out by throwing a front ‘snap kick’ but it doesn’t really land. The so-called street fighter simply bull-rushes in and overwhelms his out matched opponent with a barrage of punches both standing and on the ground. The referee finally sees enough and stops this one-sided beat down not long into the very first round.

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