Leaked fight club footage from one of UK’s most violent prisons

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Video leaked from a British prison described as ‘one of the most violent’ in the UK, reveals two inmates engaging in a brutal MMA-style fight, while other prisoners cheer them on from the sidelines.

The footage was reportedly captured on a mobile phone that had been smuggled into the 700-capacity Featherstone prison in Staffordshire, England.

The prison had already been called into question in December of last year after a report from the Independent Monitoring Board revealed their findings that there was widespread violence and hard-drug use at the government-run facility.

According to the report there had been 155 incidents of self harm at Featherstone; 144 attacks on prisoners; 40 assaults on staff; two deaths as well as 60 prisoners having been moved to other prisons after a ‘major incident’, while drones were increasingly being used to smuggle drugs onto the premises.

This newly discovered video appears to back up reports that the prison is running out-of-control due to lack of staff, with no guards appearing to be present as two men stripped to the waist and wearing hand-wraps battle it out in a room that’s lined on the outside by a few dozen other inmates.

From the beginning of the video it’s the fighter in the purple shorts who is getting the better of the fight as he continually cracks his taller, bald-headed opponent with punches to the face.

His opponent struggles to get into the fight apart from throwing a few ineffectual leg kicks and is eventually backed into a corner, where Purple-Shorts then tees off on him with a series of lefts and rights, with a right hook finally sending his opponent crumpling to the floor.

Reacting to the troubling video, The Prison Service said it would be looking to take disciplinary action against those involved in the altercation, while Staffordshire Police are also currently investigating the matter.

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