Massive 6’7″ 400lb strongman vs. MMA pioneer

Monday, May 15, 2017

In the video below we see MMA pioneer Gary ‘Big Daddy’ Goodridge fight a massive Russian sumo wrestler and alleged strongman and the difference in size is really something to behold.

For those that aren’t aware, Gary Goodridge is by no means a small man either but he looks tiny in there compared to his massive opponent, named Alan Karaev. Goodridge stands 6’3 and weighs in at 240 pounds – that is a large man. His opponent however is 6’7 and around 400lbs which is absolutely gigantic in comparison.

For most of Goodridge’s fights, he was usually the stronger guy in there. In this fight however that’s not the case as his opponent, Karaev, is clearly much stronger and simply bull rushes Goodridge as soon as the fight starts and takes him down to the ground.

Though the video title makes reference to Karaev being a strongman he is most known for being a sumo wrestler though he certainly has the build for strongman competitions as well.

Being that big and strong can pose a lot of problems initially but the problem with being that big is you are very quick to tire. All that size and strength can slow you down and that’s what appears to take place in this fight from 2005 under the Hero’s promotion.

After being manhandled for the first part of the fight, Goodridge is able to weather the storm and is eventually able to reverse Karaev on the ground.

It doesn’t take long for the veteran Goodridge to then overwhelm his fatigued opponent with some brutal ground and pound before submitting him with a forearm choke.

Gary Henry Goodridge (born January 17, 1966), nicknamed “Big Daddy”, is a retired Trinidadian-Canadian super heavyweight kickboxer and heavyweight mixed martial artist fighting out of Barrie, Ontario. Prior to kickboxing and MMA, he was also one of the top ranked contenders in the world of professional arm wrestling. In early 2012, Goodridge was diagnosed with early onset of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. [Source: Wiki]

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