Massive powerlifter fights in MMA – does not last long

Monday, February 13, 2017

When it comes to the best builds for mixed martial arts fighting, the guys with big beefed up physiques tend to not do that well. This is because more muscles require more oxygen which means they tend to get tired quicker.

When it comes to pure strength though, particularly powerlifters and strongmen are going to be strong as hell and tough to deal with initially. They have much more functional strength compared to say typical bodybuilders who are not going to be able to move all that well.

In this MMA fight from promotion ‘RINGS USA’ from back in the day we see a powerlifter compete and he does pretty good, actually. His name is Roger Neff and he is a massive and strong dude though he has a wrestling background as well so he has some skills too.

His opponent Rocky Batastini has a salty record to say the least, though he wins the battle of the cooler intro music. He is also a very big dude but doesn’t have the same kind of muscle mass that his opponent has.

Once the fight starts it is actually Batastini who does better at the start, landing some heavy kicks and punches to the much shorter Neff. It is quite clear that the powerlifter Neff has no striking ability and needs to get this fight to the ground immediately.

Roger ties him up and eventually takes him down to the ground where he gets a hold of his head and taps him out with what looks to be a bull dog side choke/neck crank.

Roger Neff (September 21, 1967- November 12, 2013) is a retired American mixed martial artist. He stands 5’10” tall, and fought in the Super Heavyweight division at 270 lbs. His final record of 6-4 came in several different promotions, and all six of his wins came by submission. [Source: Wikia]

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