MASSIVE Russian special forces vs. Muay Thai in crazy fight

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In this video from Russian amateur MMA league Arrows Street Fight, we see what happens when a massive member of the Russian special forces, who also looks to be a bodybuilder, fights someone who looks to come from a Muay Thai or MMA background and the size difference is quite extreme.

There must be at least a 30lb weight difference between these two guys but we find out pretty early on that the smaller man clearly has the much better technique.

Big bodybuilder types may give you some problems with their strength early on, but they tend to gas out pretty quickly and their lack of technique starts to rapidly reveal itself.

The bodybuilder/special forces guy is definitely a big and strong dude and comes at his opponent pretty hard early on in this one. But it is actually the smaller man who ends up getting top position when this one goes to the ground.

Strangely enough, though, the referee is very quick to stand them up so perhaps there was some special rules in place?

After they’re stood up is when the fight REALLY starts to heat up as they both clearly get rocked before the big guy gets dropped, yet, is given a chance to recover.

Both guys subsequently end up getting dropped in this very entertaining scrap, and the knockout at the end is utterly BRUTAL. Check out the video below to see who wins it.

The project “Arrow. Street fights “started in the summer of 2011 in St. Petersburg. Anyone has the opportunity to take part in street battles without rules. For battles allowed only amateurs and semi-professionals. After a thorough analysis of the data and capabilities of the fighters, the jury forms approximately equal in strength pairs. In the battles involved men of different ages and social groups, which gives the project a truly popular and democratic character. [Source: YouTube]

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