MMA fight delivers ultimate example of being ‘saved by the bell’

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘saved by the bell,’ but rarely has it been more apt than in this hard-hitting MMA fight from earlier this month.

The fight saw Peter ‘Hollywood’ Grajcar going up against Chris ‘The Action Man’ Curtis in the curiously named ‘Z Promotion: Fight Night Medicine Hat 4’ event in Alberta, Canada on September 9th.

Hailing from the highly-respected Tristar gym, the 26-year-old Grajcar brought an unblemished 5-0 record to the cage, while the 28-year-old Curtis from Team Quest had far more experience, holding a 16-5 career run ahead of this welterweight title fight.

In the opening two rounds of the fight it was Curtis who was getting the better of the striking exchanges, but Grajcar appeared to be gradually working his way into the contest in the third with his relentless pressure.

However, with just two seconds of the round remaining, Curtis followed up a body punch with a right hook to the jaw that sent Grajcar tumbling face-first to the canvas.

Moments after he hit the floor the bell sounded, and simultaneously the still rocked Grajcar rose unsteadily back to his feet, lurched off to one side and then steadied himself as best he could against the cage, before rubber-legging his way back to his corner.

The referee, who had initially appeared to be waving off the fight after the punch, was flummoxed by Grajcar’s sudden resurrection and stared at him intently for several seconds before finally appearing to make up his mind that the fight could continue, waving the cornermen into the cage to attend to their man.

The commentary team seemed equally bemused about what had just happened, but to his credit, the courageous Grajcar would go on to make it through the remaining two rounds to take the fight to the scorecards, though in the end, he’d lose out by unanimous decision to Curtis.

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