Out-of-control MMA fighter continues beating up opponent after KO

Monday, September 25, 2017

In MMA a knockout always signals the end of the fight, but in this bout from Japan, a lunatic fighter continued to ruthlessly beat his unconscious rival even after the referee intervened.

The fight took place at the fifth event from the Grachan promotion in Japan back in November of 2010 and saw the 2-1 Japanese fighter Takeo Shiina fighting Jung Hyun Lee, who was making his professional debut that night.

The Grachan organization claims to have been “born from the street” and prides itself on its ‘hardcore’ reputation, and the way this particular bout unfolded certainly looked like it was more akin to a late-night brawl than a sanctioned MMA fight.

There was clearly no love lost between the two rivals based on their pre-fight staredown in the center of the cage, with Lee appearing to showboat and taunt Shiina, who at the time didn’t appear to be too phased by his antics, but judging by what was about to happen it’s fair to suggest that he was, in fact, seething with rage inside.

The fight got underway and it took just 30 seconds before Shiina rattled Lee’s jaw with a left hand that sent him crashing to the mat unconscious.

Before the referee had a chance to step in, Shiina had already dropped down elbow-first onto his rival’s head in a fashion reminiscent of Dan Henderson’s ultra-violent KO of Michael Bisping back at UFC 100 a year earlier.

That should have been a wrap as the referee dove into wave off the fight, but Shiina had completely lost the plot by this stage and continued raining down punches on his defenseless adversary.

The ref tried to push him away, only to be greeted by a knee to the face, with Shiina then going back to assaulting his opponent until his cornermen and other officials rushed in to drag him away.

Despite being KO’d, Lee was awarded the victory by way of Shiina being disqualified, but he never fought again after this vicious beatdown.

Thankfully, the disgraced Shiina has also never fought again in the seven years since this shameful display.

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