Radio show intern talks trash about female MMA – regrets it

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

When a radio show intern talked trash about female mixed martial arts he got to experience firsthand why he should have just kept his mouth firmly shut.

The intern, Ian was working for the ‘Stroke And Shortbus Radio Show’ on 97x in Florida when he made it clear he didn’t take female MMA seriously, so the hosts had the bright idea to bring in a fighter to teach him a lesson.

As a result, Ian agreed to fight a local female MMA fighter named Vanessa in the studio, but as it dawned on him what he was about to do he started to get cold feet.

”I’ve never actually fought a girl before,” Ian said. “I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m going to feel guilty if I hit her.”

However, the athletically built Vanessa was quick to assure him it was no big deal, saying, “Don’t feel guilty. I train with guys three times your size and it’s ok, you can go ahead and hit me.”

”I’m going to feel guilty, but I’ll do it,” Ian replied with conviction.

It’s fair to say Vanessa didn’t look in the least bit troubled by that prospect, and moments later the two were slugging it out live on air.

Well, in all fairness Ian was just flailing around, while Vanessa landed a punch to the head that opened a cut on the intern’s lip and ripped shots to the body that quickly took the wind out of his sails.

As Ian turned his back to avoid further punishment, Vanessa then moved in for a rear-naked choke, hauling him down onto a nearby sofa as she locked in the submission, forcing him to the mat.

”You know what, my face feels fine, but that rib shot hurt like hell,” the humbled Ian confessed afterward as he spat blood from his mouth into a nearby waste bin.

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