Ref saves fighter from out of control PSYCHO opponent

Friday, December 22, 2017

In the earlier days of MMA, the sport used to have a bad rap in some circles as being filled with deranged thugs who only competed in MMA to give them something to do between stays in the penitentiary.

While some pompous people may still feel that way about the sport, most people now know that there is a lot of honor and respect involved and the vast majority of MMA fighters are completely unlike what you would think they would be.

However, in this MMA fight from a few years back in Columbia at regional show SFC 10 – Striker Fighting Championship 10, we see an example of exactly the kind of thing the naysayers believe our fair sport is all about.

This heavyweight fight between Servanto Aguilar and Jim Abadia starts off as what looks to be a normal fight. But after Jim Abadia drops his opponent and knocks him out, he doesn’t stop attacking, even when the referee desperately tries to pull him off his defeated opponent.

Ref saves fighter from out of control PSYCHO opponent
Ref saves fighter from out of control PSYCHO opponent

As previously stated, this is exactly the kind of thing we don’t want to see happen and brings us back to the days where MMA was labeled as ‘human cockfighting.’

Like we see in the video, the cornerman even jumps into the cage to try to stop this guy but is shoved to the ground by rampaging fighter, Jim Abadia.

While his behavior here is certainly abhorrent and I’m definitely not defending him in any way, perhaps there is some kind of heated rivalry or something else going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of.

Nevertheless, Abadia should have been disqualified for this complete lack of anything resembling sportsmanship or even care for your fellow humans. Instead, though, according to, this is still classified as a win on his record and as a loss on his opponent’s which is really quite shameful.

Abadia would go on to fight 3 more times following this one, winning 1 and losing 2, and never made it past the regional level and good riddance for that.

For his opponent, Aguilar – the guy who lost here, he would never fight again.

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