Russian karate fighter vs. Jiu-Jitsu fighter – guess who wins

Monday, September 25, 2017

In this video from Russian amateur MMA league Arrows Street Fight we see what happens when a karate practitioner fights a BJJ fighter in an almost homage to the early style vs style days of MMA.

Compared to many other traditional martial arts seen in MMA, karate seems to fare quite a bit better than the rest. Just look at UFC fighters like Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, Georges St. Pierre, or Michelle ‘The Karate Hottie’ Waterson and many others. They all make excellent use of their karate skills and it is a big part of their overall success.

However, outside of their karate background, they are also well-rounded, complete MMA fighters. The same cannot be said for the karateka in this video.

Early on, we see the karate practitioner land a couple of good low kicks and a couple of glancing shots, but as soon as the BJJ fighter gets a hold of him you can tell right away his grappling skills are virtually non-existent.

The BJJ fighter patiently and calmly improves his position on the ground to full mount before grabbing a hold of an armbar which he uses to finish the fight. The karate guy hangs tough for a bit but eventually has to tap out or suffer lasting damage for a fight that clearly isn’t going to go his way.

In conclusion, while karate techniques can definitely be effective in MMA, you really need to be well-versed in all areas, particularly grappling, before it can really be used effectively.

The project “Arrow. Street fights “started in the summer of 2011 in St. Petersburg. Anyone has the opportunity to take part in street battles without rules. For battles allowed only amateurs and semi-professionals. After a thorough analysis of the data and capabilities of the fighters, the jury forms approximately equal in strength pairs. In the battles involved men of different ages and social groups, which gives the project a truly popular and democratic character.  [Source: YouTube]

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