Russian special forces MMA exam – ’12 minutes of hell’

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The term Russian ‘Spetsnaz’ is pretty much an umbrella term for special forces in the Russian military that are highly trained in both armed and unarmed combat.

According to this video, in order to receive the crimson beret of the special forces, you have to undergo 12 minutes of MMA type sparring with experienced veterans which soldiers often refer to as ’12 minutes of hell.’

According to the video description,

‘In Russia, the crimson beret is the symbol of the special forces (spetsnaz) commandos of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The soldiers of this unit known as the elite force which can execute any operation. The last stage of the exam for maroon beret lasts only 12 minutes, but the soldiers often call it “12 minutes of hell.” The 12 minutes are divided into four three-minute rounds. Each of the four periods is a MMA fight with experienced crimson

Judging by the technique displayed, it is very clear early on in this MMA sparring military exam just who the veterans are (as if the lack of head gear wasn’t a dead giveaway). The first veteran highlighted has excellent technique in his strikes, looking very similar to an actual MMA fighter. He lands a series of hard leg kicks and punches while his lesser skilled opponent is just trying to survive the ’12 minutes of hell’ which are broken up over four, 3 minute rounds.

Much like in many MMA gyms, they rotate in different opponents which gives them different styles to work with. The second veteran we get a glimpse of has a much more boxing centered style, as we see him land a solid punch combination on his novice opponent.

The experienced veterans don’t seem to be holding much back here and while the training appears to be quite brutal, it would definitely produce some very tough soldiers which the Spetsnaz are certainly known to being.

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