Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MMA is an extreme sport that takes a very special type of person to even attempt, let alone be successful at.

To be successful in MMA at the highest levels, especially nowadays, you have to have all of your ducks in a row, so to speak, and this includes intensive strength and conditioning training as well as proper diet and nutrition.

Sometimes, though, we see some fighters come along that look nothing like a professional athlete should and look almost like they put zero effort into both their strength and condition training as well as their nutrition.

In this video, we see the top 10 worst physiques ever in MMA history and while a couple of these guys actually made it to a pretty high level, most of them didn’t and you’ve got to think their lack of physical condition had something to do with it.

The 10 WORST physiques ever in MMA history
The 10 WORST physiques ever in MMA history

One such fighter with not a very good physique who still had a really successful MMA career is Roy Nelson. Roy Nelson beat a lot of tough guys in his UFC run including Mirko Cro Cop, Brendan Schaub, Big Nog, and Matt Mitrione. Still, though, he always came up short against the top guys and maybe if he lost some of that body fat and perhaps moved to a lower weight class he could have gotten over that hump and maybe even challenged for a title.

Another fighter who carried around a lot of body fat is Eric Esch, more commonly known as Butterbean. While Butterbean got into the MMA game a little too late, he still had quite a bit of success, especially as a boxer who transitioned to the sport. His physique was almost apart of his appeal, however, and there’s definitely an argument to be made that maybe he wouldn’t have been as popular had he been thinner.

Check out the above video to see the other 8 MMA fighters with the WORST physiques ever.

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