The 15 most INSANE freak show fights in MMA history

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Freak show fights in MMA used to be quite common in the earlier days of the sport, especially overseas in Pride FC whose Japanese audience always seemed to be particularly enamored with these type of matches.

For those not aware, the term ‘freak show’ fight usually refers to a massive mismatch in size and also usually entails a similar disparity in the skill-department as well.

In this video, we see the top 15 best examples of freak show fights ever in MMA, most of which took place overseas in Japan, as previously mentioned, but there are also a couple that took place in the early days of the UFC too.

Keith Hackney versus the late Emmanuel Yarbrough from UFC 3 is perhaps one of the best examples of a freak show fight and actually took place probably before the term ‘freak show’ fight was even a thing.

Hackney, nicknamed ‘The Giant Killer’, most certainly earned his moniker that night at UFC 3 when he defeated the absolutely massive Yarbrough who at the time weighed around 600lbs at 6’8″ tall. That makes him 3 times the size of Hackney who weighed 200lbs and stood around 6-feet-tall.

This isn’t the only freak show fight Yarbrough was part of, and really, when you are 600lbs and 6’8″, every fight you’re going to have is going to be a freak show fight. Yarbrough also later fought in Japan at Pride 3 against the even smaller than Keith Hackney, Daiju Takase, who defeated Yarbrough via submission from punches in the second round.

Yarbrough’s lone MMA win was via smother against Tatsuo Nakano in the Shooto organization, also in Japan. His final MMA record is 1-2.

Check out the above video to see some other classic examples of freak show fights in MMA, which you thankfully seldom see nowadays but are still an interesting part of MMA history.

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