The key to closing the distance vs. a taller opponent

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When training in a combative sport/martial art it’s only going to be a matter of time until you will have to face off against a person who possesses a height and reach advantage over you. This can occur in the training room, in the cage/ring or even on the street.

Much like facing an opponent who fights in the opposite stance as you or trains in a different martial arts style, a height and reach difference presents a whole set of challenges which require adjustments on your part to get some success. Notable examples of this kind of match up include Mark Hunt versus Stefan Struve and Jon Jones versus almost everyone in the light heavyweight division.

In this edition of fightTIPS, Muay Thai instructor Shane Fazen breaks down three methods that you can use to help you solve this problem.


Throughout the lesson Shane will show how to blend different styles to your advantage, using feints to close the gap as well as exploiting your opponents attacks with a counter to get closer.

Check out the tips below.

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