The most AWKWARD moments in MMA

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Awkward moments can happen quite regularly in normal, day to day life. Be it in casual conversation or while waiting in line at the grocery store.

They can also occur in the MMA world too though and in this video, we see some humorous examples of some awkward MMA moments that were caught on camera.

The first one covered in the video below was that time both GSP and Jon Jones were waiting in line to get into a club, unbeknownst to them both. GSP was being interviewed at the time and was even asked if he was there with Jones. Meanwhile, he had no idea Jones was standing directly behind him. They both handled it like champs though and promptly forgot about the bloke who was doing the interviewing who caused the initial awkwardness.

A more recent example is from Bellator NYC where a commissioner pulled the stool out from under Michael Chandler at a crucial moment in the fight. It looked more like an episode of The Three Stooges than an MMA PPV. It was speculated after that this could have caused the fight to be stopped as for the doctor/referee watching it looked like Chandler was falling over and could no longer fight. Hopefully, that was not the reason the fight was stopped but regardless it was a pretty funny moment yet a very unfortunate one for Chandler.

Another good one is from the post-fight interview after Chris Weidman lost his title to Luke Rockhold in quite brutal fashion. Chris Weidman’s father grabbed the mic after Chris’ interview and exclaimed “This is still my boy!” which was kind of unnecessary as it’s not as if losing an MMA fight would ever make a father disown his son. In his defense though, it must be very hard emotionally to watch a loved one fight professionally, especially during a brutal loss like that which really should have been stopped way sooner.

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