The most outrageous UFC/MMA pranks – #1 and 4 are awesome

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UFC and MMA fighters are a unique bunch and in many MMA and martial arts gyms, pranks are routinely used to break up the monotony as well as to simply have some fun.

In this video, we see the top 5 best UFC/MMA pranks featuring several UFC fighters and personalities like Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson as well as UFC president Dana White and even boxing legend, Mike Tyson.

You really have to look no further than the Ultimate Fighter to see how common pranks are in the MMA world. It seems as if every season involves some sort of prank war at the house between the two opposing teams and it really is no surprise there.

As a contestant on TUF, you are pretty much in lockdown mode with not much to offer in terms of entertainment so doing some pranks gives the guys something to do and mixes things up as well for the TV audience.

The most outrageous UFC/MMA pranks - #1 and 4 are awesome
The most outrageous UFC/MMA pranks – #1 and 4 are awesome

One of the best pranks highlighted in this particular video, though, is the first one involving the face-off between Jon Jones and Rumble Johnson that appeared to quickly heat up, at first.

The guys obviously seemed to fool Dana White but if you happened to be watching the press conference live yourself, you could have very well been fooled like Dana was and they were both surprisingly good actors.

It really is too bad, though, that the Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson fight never came to fruition. It would have been a very interesting clash of styles and ‘Rumble’ very well could have had just the right style to give Jones some problems, and maybe even beat him.

Anyways, check out the above video to see the 4 other best MMA/UFC pranks ever, including one featuring all-time boxing great, Mike Tyson, plus UFC president Dana White.

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