The top 5 WEIRDEST MMA fighters

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The sport of MMA is very intense and extreme and not everybody can do it. In order to want to become an MMA fighter in the first place, it takes a different kind of person. For your average person working a standard 9-5, the thought of fighting in a cage for a living is incomprehensible. For many fighters out there, they probably feel the same way about a regular 9-5.

In this video from YouTube channel Lockdown Report, we see the top 5 weirdest MMA fighters of all-time and there are a couple who make the list that may surprise you and others not so much.

For example, relative UFC newcomer ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry doesn’t seem all that weird for a professional fighter. He actually seems to fit right in there with the standard idea of how a fighter should behave.

Guys like Mayhem Miller and Krazyhorse Bennett fit the bill a little more for being weird. In their cases they might have some other issues going on that makes them act in the way they do though. Both fighters are well-known for their various legal troubles outside the cage but they both still pulled off some big wins in their MMA careers like when Krazyhorse knocked out KJ Noons or when Miller beat Tim Kennedy or submitted Robbie Lawler.

Also appearing in this video is former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson who does seem like sort of an odd guy. Though, in Rampage’s case, the instances of him being weird in the video seem more like him just trying to be funny.

Perhaps the best example of a weird MMA fighter is UFC’s, Sage Northcutt. Compared to the other fighters covered in the video, at least he seems like a really nice, respectful kid and stays out of trouble. He is still very young too, 21-years-old, and most of us were probably pretty awkward too at that age.

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