Top 10 UFC / MMA deleted tweets and Instagram posts

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Have you ever said or done something that you wished you could take back? Or maybe sent a public message that was intended to be private? Maybe you insulted an entire fire department in a justified tirade…with the exception that you had no idea one of their guys had a heart attack on the job the same day during a completely different event that your rant was referring to; not that I know anything about that…happened to a friend of mine.

The point is there are times in life when we get so caught up in our emotions that logic and reason go out the window.  Sometimes these things are justified, sometimes they cross the line, and sometimes you look back and simply think, “Holy f^@$, what was I, I mean my friend, even doing?!?!?!”

For the vast majority of the population these incidents can be handled with relative grace and move past the event given we use the proper verbiage, tone, and properly address the issue, e.g. after being threatened with my job and told I was not welcome in the town, I mean my friend, he was actually approached at work by firefighters of the aforementioned fire department and thanked for his kind words of apology, explanation, and attempt to reconcile.

There are others, such as Hollywood A-listers and professional athletes, who do not enjoy this luxury particularly seeing how the internet, regardless of how quickly something is deleted, is forever…

And fans don’t soon forget…

In the video below, we check out ten times that a UFC/MMA fighter had to promptly delete a tweet or post. So sit back, relax, and feel safe knowing that you aren’t the only one to have put your foot in your mouth on multiple occasions.

Jacob C. Stevens is a lifelong athlete and cerebral martial arts enthusiast who is also skilled in the art of linguistic manipulation, his published work, Afterthoughts and Handgrenades, can be found here…

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