UK reality TV star vs. MMA fighter ends in brutal KO

Monday, September 25, 2017

When UK reality TV star Aaron Chalmers announced that he wanted to become a professional MMA fighter, few people took him seriously, so the result of his latest fight in the cage has caught many by surprise.

The 30-year-old heavily tattooed Aaron Chalmers is one of the stars of MTV’s ‘Geordie Shore’, a long-running British spin-off from the original hit-series, ‘Jersey Shore.’

Chalmers, who worked on an oil rig before his big reality-TV break, unexpectedly announced his intention to fight in the cage last year, while revealing that he wasn’t a complete novice to combat sports.

“People think I just woke up one day and decided I want to be an MMA fighter,” he told ChronicleLive. “Since I was a late teenager I’ve trained Muay-Thai.”

Apparently he’s been working on his all-around skills, however, as his professional debut in the respected UK promotion BAMMA back in May of this year saw him defeat fellow newcomer Greg Jenkins by way of a keylock submission.

Chalmers second fight at BAMMA 31 at the Wembley Arena In London earlier this month is the subject of this video and saw him paired up with the debuting Alex Thompson, who had branded his opponent “a fraud” in the pre-fight build-up.

Chalmers spent eight weeks training for the fight, and this time it was his striking skills that were on display as he caught Thompson clean to the head with a left hook just 30 seconds into the bout, Instantly rendering him unconscious as his body crashed to the canvas.

Afterwards, Chalmers indicated that he’s now seriously considering leaving ‘Geordie Shore’ next year to pursue a fighting career full-time.

”Geordie Shore is my job, that’s what has made us, but obviously, I’m 30 now and I have a girlfriend, so maybe it’s my time to step out of Geordie Shore and let somebody younger come in.” 

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