Untrained guy vs. UFC veteran Jamie Varner – guess who wins

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Some people just don’t get it. An MMA fighter of any level who dedicates such a large portion of their life to training and competing is going to be lightyears ahead of someone who has never trained before and to challenge them to a fight is not only idiotic it is also somewhat disrespectful.

In this video, we see a completely untrained and out of shape guy challenge several MMA fighters at the IMPACT gym in Scottsdale Arizona, including UFC veteran and former WEC lightweight champion, Jamie Varner, and while everybody there seems to be a good sport about it, you can probably guess how it goes for him.

When you have zero training and the dude you’re throwing hands with has a TKO win over Edson Barboza on his record, you have made a terrible error in judgment.

Completely untrained guy vs UFC veteran Jamie Varner - guess who wins
Completely untrained guy vs UFC veteran Jamie Varner – guess who wins

After getting his butt kicked by the first two guys, he goes up against Jamie Varner who’s a 9-time UFC veteran. At least compared to the first two guys, Varner is pretty nice to the guy and doesn’t wail on him like the first two did. Instead, Varner simply hoists the foolish guy into the air and just wrestles and tosses him around pretty effortlessly.

Check out the video below to see what happens when the crazy, untrained guy goes up against the fourth MMA fighter, who is nowhere near as nice to him as Varner was.

James Christopher Varner (born October 12, 1984) is a retired American mixed martial artist who fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the former WEC Lightweight Champion. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Varner attended Deer Valley High School where he competed in wrestling. At Deer Valley, Varner was a two-time Regional Champion and a State Runner Up and went on to compete at Pima Community College where he was a two-time National Qualifier and a National Runner Up, in addition to being an NJCAA All-American and a two-time Academic All-American. [Source: Wiki]

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