Watch: Bruce Lee vs. Royce Gracie – who would win in real life?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bruce Lee is usually regarded as one of the, if not THE greatest martial artist of all time but how would he do against another likewise legendary figure in martial arts like Royce Gracie, for instance?

In this simulation match from EA UFC 2, we see how it might have played out had Bruce Lee not died way too soon and these two martial arts legends actually squared off.

Let’s just imagine, for the sake of argument, that both men are in their absolute primes when this match took place which would probably be Royce at UFC 1 and Bruce during the filming of Enter the Dragon(1973).

Now, Bruce was certainly a very fit and strong guy from all accounts, but he wasn’t very big and Royce, who is often the small guy in his fights, would actually possess a substantial size advantage for once.

Bruce Lee vs Royce Gracie - who would win in real life?
Bruce Lee vs Royce Gracie – who would win in real life?

Bruce would have to use his speed and look to keep Royce away from him and hope to catch him with a crazy kick or punch coming in.

In the below video, we actually see Royce get Bruce down where Bruce is able to actually reverse him as well as escape from an armbar then eventually finish it on the ground.

In reality, however, Bruce wouldn’t stand a chance on the ground versus Gracie. There would be no reversing or escaping anything and it would be over very quickly if it hit the ground I’d reckon.

As previously stated, Bruce’s only hope would be to catch Royce with a crazy strike coming in but if guys like Patrick Smith and Gerard Gordeau couldn’t do it at UFC 1, it is highly unlikely that Bruce would be able to do it.

While Bruce did grapple as well on some level and did train with guys like ‘Judo’ Gene LeBell, from all accounts, LeBell manhandled him in the grappling department and Royce would most likely do the same despite what we see here in this video, but it is still fun to speculate.

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