When fighters are KO’d so hard they turn ZOMBIE

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Getting knocked out in combat sports is a common but still pretty serious thing. There are varying degrees of knockouts too and no two knockouts are hardly ever the exact same.

There are those flash knockouts/knockdowns where someone is knocked out for a just a split second but then quickly wake up either from hitting the canvas or from another punch. These types are usually the kind people complain as being early stoppages but if somebody goes limp for even a split second, they are defenseless and even if they come back right away you have always got to err on the side of caution when it comes to fighter safety.

All-time great referee and now Bellator commentator, Big John McCarthy, discussed this same thing a couple of years ago on Inside MMA where he talked about the ‘5 levels’ of knockouts which vary quite wildly in severity, the 5th level being the most severe.

When fighters are KO'd so hard they turn ZOMBIE
When fighters are KO’d so hard they turn ZOMBIE

The knockouts seen in this video are probably more towards the high end of Big John’s knockout severity index and while head trauma and the MMA fighters who put it all on the line should always be respected and revered, you’ve got to admit this video is pretty funny.

Much like the legions of the living dead who rise from the grave in those great George A. Romero films, the fighters seen in this video appear to do the same after being knocked unconscious by their opponent.

As previously mentioned, while this video is pretty funny, what you’re really seeing here is the heart of these fighters on display who are desperately trying to fight on after being knocked out and are trying so hard to get up and keep going but their body just won’t cooperate.

Check out the above video to see some funny examples of fighters who get KO’d so hard they turn into mindless zombies.

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