YouTuber with no fighting background vs. MMA fighter

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Competing in mixed martial arts, be it at the amateur or professional level, should be the culmination of years of hard work under trainers who know what level you are at and when you are ready to compete.

Sometimes, though, certain people (usually younger guys), don’t want to put the time in at the gym to hone their skills but still want to try a fight to see how they do for a ‘bucket list’ type of thing. Needless to say, it usually doesn’t go very well for them.

In this video from YouTube celebrity Jake Paul, we see him do the same and compete against 8-0 amateur fighter and elite-level grappler, AJ Agazarm. While it doesn’t go super horribly for him, it doesn’t exactly go all that well either.

Apparently, the YouTube kid, Jake Paul, does have some wrestling experience which is probably what prevents this from being a total wipeout. He also appears to have some size on Agazarm as well.

YouTuber with no fighting background fights an MMA fighter
YouTuber with no fighting background fights an MMA fighter

So in almost pretty surprising fashion, the YouTube sensation actually manages to survive the first round here against Agazarm which, if AJ was truly giving it his all that first round and trying to finish, is actually a pretty impressive feat.

For those not aware, Agazarm may have only competed as an amateur in mixed martial arts it looks like, but in grappling, he is truly a world-class competitor.

Agazarm is not only a BJJ world No-Gi champion but also a former D1 level wrestler as well as a black belt in BJJ under Eduardo de Lima and Carlos Gracie Junior.

But just when the second round commences here in this video, Agazarm, alongside referee – former WEC lightweight champion Razor Rob McCullough, pull a prank on the YouTuber for a change so maybe the first round was all planned out too.

As we can see in the video above, after the second round resumes following the prank, it doesn’t take long for it to end. Check out the above video to see the finish.

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