78-year-old ‘Master K’ shows he’s still got it

Friday, October 06, 2017

Judging by this video, age is just a number for Muay Thai trainer ‘Master K’, who looks like he could still kick all our collective asses despite being 78-years-old!

The inspiring footage shows Master K showing remarkable speed, skill, dexterity, and stamina while kicking the heavy bag, redefining what’s possible for a man of his advanced years in the process.

Kumron Vaitayanon aka Master K hails from Bangkok and began his lifelong love affair with Muay Thai at 8-years-old when he started hanging up bags of rice given to him by his mother to practice his kicks until she realized this wasn’t just a passing fad and bought him a heavy-bag.

He would go on to train himself until he was 13 when he became the champion of his school by winning three fights in a single day tournament.

After that Master K began training under his cousin, who was a bantamweight champion and would go on to fight professionally in the sport over 75 times, earning the nickname, ‘Mr. Axe Elbow’ along the way for his vicious strikes with his upper limbs.

Master K retired from competing while he was still at his peak and became the Head Of Public Relations at the Government Savings Bank in Thailand, but his passion for Muay Thai persisted and so when he moved to the United States in the early 1980’s he started to teach others his beloved martial art.

One of his students was Sylvie von Douglas-Ittu, an aspiring Muay Thai fighter who has since gone on to have almost 200 fights in Thailand, and she became so inspired by Master K that she started filming his teachings and put the videos up on YouTube for others to enjoy and learn from.

The channel would draw in viewers from all over the world and also detailed her own remarkable journey in Muay Thai, amassing millions of views in the process.

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