Drunk tourist vs. Muay Thai fighter doesn’t go as expected

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It is quite common for tourists in Thailand to want to lace up the gloves and test themselves against a real muay thai fighter. Usually it doesn’t go so well for them though.

More often than not alcohol plays a role in this decision as it is a pretty crazy idea to think you can compete against a real pro fighter with little to no training under your belt. Especially in a brutal art like muay thai with elbows and knees not only permitted but encouraged, it can end quite brutally for some.

Usually though promoters will match up these naive tourists with someone not very good or just instruct them to go easy. It’s not a good idea to count on that though and unless you have extensive training in muay thai it is ill advised to book a fight even though it would make for a cool story.

In this YouTube video, we see a supposed ‘drunk tourist’ (according to the video title) fight a real Thai fighter and it doesn’t end like you’d expect.

This guy is quite a bit bigger than his Thai opponent and upon first glance looks to be quite a bit out of shape. Once he starts throwing punches though it appears like he may have some natural punching ability though his technique isn’t very good.

Nevertheless he goes after his severely out sized Thai opponent, rocking him with several hard straight right hands. He’s not swinging wild hay makers like you so often see in similar Thai vs foreigner match ups. He is landing straight accurate punches and due to the size advantage, they pack a wallop.

The ‘drunk tourist’ finishes off the smaller Thai guy after a solid combinations of rights and lefts drop him to the canvas and the big man is awarded the victory.

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