Fighter gets brutally KO’d twice in 20 seconds

Monday, February 20, 2017

Referee’s in combat sports have been coming under a lot more scrutiny as of late due to a number of questionable decisions mid-fight, which have left many of the fans and analysts outraged while also potentially altering the careers of the fighters involved.

Yet if any of these issues are brought up to the commissions, the typical response is that there is nothing wrong with the officiating at hand and thus these problems continue.

Take for example this bout from an MX Muay Extreme event that recently took place.

With only twenty seconds left to go until the end of round one, Kwangtung unloads an absolutely vicious left hook onto the chin of the Francisco Alegre that floors him instantly and even sent enough of a shock wave to send the referee standing behind him to the mat as well.

Although Alegre miraculously managed to get to his feet conventional wisdom would say this is the perfect time to stop this bout, but the surprisingly the referee decides to not call the fight and allows Alegre to make the ‘8 count’ and thus the bout continues.

Kwangtung who is probably just as shocked as anyone in attendance decides to put an end to this bout with a hellacious flying knee that is more suited to a Hollywood action film or Mortal Kombat fatality. This is of course finishes off the already dazed Algere and the referee finally decides to halt this contest.

Although fighters must protect themselves at all times, but referees need to protect the fighters at all times as well.

MX Muay Extreme is a Muay Thai promotion founded by Thakoon Pongsupha of Sasapara Gym and Narit from Top King. All bouts are contested under full Muay Thai rules but the difference is that all combatants wear four ounce MMA gloves. You can find out more about them at their Facebook page.

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