Five rookie mistakes when using the Heavy Bag

Monday, March 27, 2017

When someone starts training in a striking art such as Western Boxing or Muay Thai, one of the first things they will get to use is the humble heavy bag, which is a staple of any striking gym.

Although it can really be fun to initially go nuts all over the heavy bag, there are a lot of mistakes novices will make which can actually lead to bad habits, whether it’s poor technique or lack of defense since bags do not hit back.

In the following fightTIPS technique video, Muay Thai instructor Shane Fazen reveals the five most common mistakes beginners make when using the heavy bag and what can be done to correct them.

One of the most obvious ones is people not wrapping their hands before using the bag and thinking gloves will simply be enough protection. Practicing like this can promote injuries to the wrists and knuckles which can then sideline you from training. If you plan to use your fists to put dinner on the table, then you should rethink trying to go bare knuckle on the bag.

Check out the rest of the tips below.

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