Girl vs boy muay Thai fight ends with crazy KO

Thursday, January 12, 2017

When it comes to fighting, a male is generally going to have a large advantage over a female. Just based on bone structure alone, the male frame is usually much larger and stronger, capable of not only delivering the harder shots but absorbing them as well.

Since the combatants in following video are children however, those advantages might not be as much of a factor like it is with fully developed adults.

Right from the start of this match, you can tell the girl has quite a bit of skill as well as a notable reach advantage over the younger boy. She also has a much more full arsenal of strikes whereas the boy tends to focus much more on punching techniques.

The girl is throwing a much more traditional Thai style offense such as solid round kicks as well as a lot of effective knee strikes to her opponent’s midsection. She even demonstrates a wheel kick technique shortly after 10 seconds in which drop the little guy.

As the match progresses she starts to connect with several solid head kicks which the boy strangely doesn’t seem to be defending. It is unclear if he is just showing off like he is not worried about the girls power or if he is actually letting her kick him for whatever reason.

Regardless, the girl appears to be much more skilled than the boy here so much so that it completely nullifies whatever strength advantage he would possibly have due to being a male.

The girl lands a great teep as well about 1 minute into the video that sends the boy flying back. She goes back to the high kicks shortly after that where she lands several hard ones right in a row that the boy either doesn’t know how to defend or let’s her land them. They do like like real kicks though as they knock his head back noticeably and the match is finally called off.

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