High-stakes poker player fights pro Muay Thai fighter – ends brutally

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The mental game is a huge aspect of fighting that many people fail to realize. We’ve all heard of fighters who are athletically gifted and freaks in the gym yet don’t perform the same come fight night for whatever reason.

In this video from martial arts YouTube channel ‘MindSmash’, we see an example of someone with not much of a background in Muay Thai able to perform very well in a professional fight allegedly due to his background in high stakes poker.

The poker player, named James, is from Denmark and 29-years-old and according to the video didn’t start training in Muay Thai at all before the age of 28. Like the video makes note of though, James played a lot of high stakes poker and became an expert so to speak on keeping his cool despite being in situations where he was behind tens of thousands of dollars.

James was always a fan of the mental game as well as MMA which led him to Thailand to train in Muay Thai with hopes of eventually getting a fight to put his theories to the test.

Like we see in the video, he ended up getting his wish. He got his fight and it ended up being against someone a little tougher than expected – a fighter who previously competed in bare knuckle Muay Thai.

You can see in the video, James, the bald guy, doesn’t have the best technique and his opponent seems much more polished. He does appear very calm though which is very rare for someone having their first fight so perhaps his poker background did have an effect.

Surprisingly enough, James, the high stakes poker player, ends up winning this fight by brutal KO despite the relative lack of experience. This really demonstrates that in fight sports, anything can happen and the ability to stay calm in a fight is very important to your overall success.

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