How to execute a sneaky Superman punch combo

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The superman punch has become somewhat of a trademark punch for UFC welterweight legend Georges St Pierre. Throughout his illustrious title reign at 170lbs he used it to great effect against the likes of Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves , BJ Penn, Jon Fitch and many more.

Although difficult to master when used properly it can catch the best of opponents by surprise. So how do you incorporate this particular strike into your stand up arsenal?

In the following fightTIPS technique tutorial, Muay Thai instructor Shane Fazen breaks down how to execute the superman punch following a ‘No Pivot’ round kick into a nice combination.

This variation of the technique has been used in Muay Thai for a long time and currently is executed superbly by super middleweight GLORY kickboxing champion ‘Bazooka’ Joe Valtellini, whereas as WWE superstar Roman Reigns frequently uses a hilariously exaggerated version of this technique when he is performing in the ring.


Throughout the lesson Shane goes through the correct type of kick to use, how to add extra power into the punch as well covering distance correctly.

Check out the tutorial below.

fightTIPS self-defense website started by international pro Muay Thai fighter and personal fitness trainer, Shane Fazen, fightTIPS is which is geared towards kids in school, adults in need, and even trained MMA fighters. Focusing on martial arts technique for self-defense, fightTIPS is a hub of step-by-step technique instructional videos, professional fitness advice, and anti-bullying advocacy.

With a YouTube channel that has reached well over 20million people, fightTIPS has helped many bully victims, people who are out of shape, and even professional fighters and athletes. fightTIPS has expanded with other channels like iPushBack, an anti-bullying movement and even an online virtual martial arts dojo called My Fight Gym.

New uploads to their YouTube channel are every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! [Source: fightTIPS]

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