How to knock someone out COLD with a cartwheel kick

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Usually in martial arts and self-defense training, the flashier and more extravagant the move, the harder it will be to pull off in a real fight or situation.

Still, though, having some extra tricks up your sleeve that your opponent may not expect is always good to have as long as your technique is up to par.

In this video from YouTube channel fightTIPS, we see one of those such techniques – the cartwheel kick. Though, as Shane makes note of in the video, this can be a very risky technique if not set up correctly.

Not only does virtually every type of ‘flying’ technique have the potential of you ending up on your back, but in this technique, your head is right down low where your opponent can essentially low kick your head which would not be good.

While the cartwheel kick can be an unorthodox, risky technique, perhaps the greatest Muay Thai fighter ever, Saenchai, makes excellent use of this technique during his many fights. Saenchai likes to set it up by catching his opponent’s kick first then delivering the kick.

One of the main benefits of the cartwheel kick is in its angle of attack that most opponents are probably not going to be used it. The cartwheel kick, if thrown and set up correctly, can come over your opponent’s guard and come down from an angle that will catch them off guard.

This kick, though it seems pretty rare, has been performed quite a number of times in the UFC by fighters like Brian Ebersole, Ricardo Lamas, Cub Swanson, Lando Vannata, Anthony Pettis, as well as Alan Jouban.

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