Muay Thai fighter suffers BRUTAL skull fracture from vicious elbow

Sunday, December 24, 2017

So you want to be a fighter, huh?

In this Muay Thai fight from earlier this week at Patong stadium in Thailand, we see one of the most brutal injuries you will ever see in fight sports – a skull fracture caused by a vicious elbow from his opponent.

This injury is reminiscent of Cyborg Santos’ injury that he sustained against Michael ‘Venom’ page in Bellator. But what’s a little different about this one is that this fighter, known as ‘Jeremy from France’, didn’t seem too phased by the brutal injury and wanted to keep going.

Though, on the other hand, he probably didn’t realize the extent of his injury at the time. As we can see in the video, the fight went on a little longer after the injury before the referee finally stepped in to get a doctor to look at it who subsequently stopped the fight right away.

Muay Thai fighter suffers BRUTAL skull fracture from vicious elbow
Muay Thai fighter suffers BRUTAL skull fracture from vicious elbow

Following the fight, Jeremy from France (who trains out of Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket) had to undergo surgery to fix the fracture with a titanium plate and is reportedly now out of the hospital and luckily, suffered no brain injury.

What’s kind of amazing about all of this, though, is the amount of damage that stepping in, stabbing-type elbow strike was able to cause, as it didn’t look like it had a whole lot of power behind it. This just goes to show you the power of the elbow strike and how devastating they can be in the hands of a high-level Muay Thai fighter.

Following successful surgery, Jeremy from France, known also as Jeremy Balasse, had this to say on social media.

“This is the video of the huge poke I received in combat, at the Patong Stadium in Phuket,” Balasse wrote on social media, “which caused me a fractured skull. Impressive wound and big scare! The following days were very difficult for me and especially my relatives, with a major operation to the head, So I wanted to thank all those who supported me again, it was incredible, and obviously very comforting.”

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