Muay Thai judge attacked and guard killed after controversial decision

Friday, April 07, 2017

A controversial decision in a Muay Thai fight led to a judge being attacked and a security guard being murdered in Thailand last month.

The shocking incident took place outside the famous Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok at around 1pm on Friday, March 24th of 2017 and was captured on one of the venue’s security cameras.

59-year-old Udom Deekrachang had just arrived at the stadium to judge a fight later that day and was speaking on his mobile phone when a passenger from a nearby black Honda Click motorcycle walked up approached and struck him on the back of the head and body with a wooden baton.

One of the stadium’s security guards, 50-year-old Anucha Prathumma attempted to intervene and a brief struggle ensued before the assailant’s getaway driver pulled out a pistol and shot the guard in the chest, killing him.

The two assailants then fled the scene on their motorcycle and were believed to have been planning to escape to Cambodia, but less than a week later, 36-year-old Jiraphan Koisap was arrested and allegedly confessed to having been the man who initially attacked Deekrachang.

Koisap claimed that he’d assaulted the judge due to a dispute over what he believed to be a corrupt judging decision that had resulted in him losing a 20,000 Baht ($580) gambling bet.

Koisap further stated that he’d only intended to teach Deekrachang a lesson and didn’t know that his alleged accomplice, Yutthana Kularbmuang had a gun.

Police investigators believe Koisap may not be being entirely honest with them as they believe he may have been hired to carry out the attack, but for now they’ve charged him with colluding in killing another person, having a gun and ammunition in his possession, carrying a weapon in a public area and colluding in physically assaulting others.

The authorities are now expanding their search for the alleged murderer, Kularbmuang, while also continuing to investigate whether there are any other other suspects involved in the case.

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