Friday, December 15, 2017

Muay Thai legend, Saenchai, is widely regarded as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time. He currently holds an incredible professional record of 307 wins, with 23 losses and 3 draws to his name.

Throughout Saenchai’s legendary career, he would often fight opponents much larger than himself, not only because it was hard to find opponents for him, but also, to make it more even for his opponents.

In this video, we see some footage of the Muay Thai legend sparring during some of his seminars across the USA. Like many of his fights, he is usually the smaller man but because his technique and skill are at such a high level, it really doesn’t matter.

Muay Thai legend Saenchai takes on all comers!
Muay Thai legend Saenchai takes on all comers!

Some of Saenchai’s best techniques are his kick catches as well as his sweeping techniques which usually follow the catch. This is a great technique for the smaller man both in Muay Thai/vault/kickboxing as well as in self-defense as it is an easy way to fell a larger opponent.

Check out the video below to see the master in action and see how much larger some of his sparring partners are than himself.

Saenchai (born July 30, 1980), formerly known as Saenchai Sor. Kingstar is a Thai Muay Thai fighter. Saenchai won the Lumpinee Championship title, which is widely considered the most prestigious title in Muay Thai, in four different weight divisions, while mostly fighting larger opponents. He is considered by many to be the best pound for pound Muay Thai fighter and is regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. Saenchai would often give up weight to find worthy opponents in Thailand, and from 2003-2014 only lost two times in Thailand when the weights were equal, with all other losses happening when he was forced to have a weight disadvantage to make the fights more evenly matched. [Source: Wiki]

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