Muay Thai vs. a pool cue

Friday, January 13, 2017

In recent years in both mixed martial arts and kickboxing, we have witnessed some gruesome leg breaks resulting from checked low kicks.

The most notable examples include Tyrone Spong’s upper tibia break after a throwing a low kick that was checked by Gohkan Saki at Glory 15 in 2014, Anderson Silva’s left tibia and fibula break after being checked by Chris Weidman in their rematch at UFC 168 in 2013 and then of course the extra gruesome leg break of the late Cory Hill who broke his right tibia and fibula after a checked kick by Dale Hartt at UFC Fight for the Troops 1 in 2008.

So with those injuries in mind, how would a fighter fare if they blocked a strike not from a person’s kick but from a pool stick.

In this edition of fightTIPS Shane Fazen is putting his shins to the test against the full force of a pool cue to see who breaks first.

Will Shane’s shins pass the test or will he also suffer a similar fate to Hill, Silva and Spong?

Check out the results belt.

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