Soccer superstar Paul Pogba shows off impressive Muay Thai skills

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Better known as one of soccer’s most expensive players, young Frenchman Paul Pogba is shown here training his Muay Thai skills. At only 24 years old he has already had a career most only dream of. He has won ten honors with his clubs and for France, whilst also picking up numerous solo honors.

A svelte 6 foot 3, he could easily have competed in other sports and as the video shows he has good skills on the pads.

In the summer of 2016 he returned to Manchester United in England for $113 million, an amazing fee made even more astounding when you realize that the same team allowed him to leave for free only a few years earlier. He has already won his first trophy with Manchester United but it will take a lot more to justify such a large fee.

Soccer superstar Paul Pogba shows off impressive Muay Thai skills
Soccer superstar Paul Pogba shows off impressive Muay Thai skills

The Muay Thai workout took place in a New York gym just before he re-signed for Manchester United. The athletic Pogba can be seen drilling a series of kicks before throwing combinations with both his hands and kicks. He also grabs a thai plum before showing off his knees.

It is unclear how long he has trained or if he has any official level of training, unlike his Manchester United teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is a taekwondo black belt.

Jose Aldo who is famed for his brutal leg kicks has often attributed his power, at least, partially to his love of soccer. Players of ‘the beautiful game’ often make long passes over 60 yards and develop strong shins through years of tackling. The players also cover over 10 kilometers per game which would suggested they’d have the cardio to go three rounds inside the cage.

So far no well known player has transition from one sport to the other and with the pay discrepancies it is unlikely that any professional soccer player would be lured inside the cage anytime soon.

The author, Nicholas Westerby, has trained boxing and kickboxing since 1995. You can watch his UFC retrospectives, predictions and fight card reactions on his YouTube channel.

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