Saturday, March 17, 2018

Landing a knockout blow looks pretty easy in the movies, but in real-life, there’s a lot of skill and technique that goes into it.

In this video from martial arts YouTube channel, Fight SCIENCE, we see an example of some of the technique that goes into setting up a knockout blow and this can perhaps pay great dividends either in competition or even on the street in a self-defense situation.

The basic premise in this video is actually more mental than physical and it involves conditioning your opponent to get used to certain attacks/movements and then subsequently playing with that in a variety of different ways to help set up the knockout shot.

1 SIMPLE TRICK to land a knockout punch or kick
1 SIMPLE TRICK to land a knockout punch or kick

For instance, if every time you throw a leg kick you look down for just a split second, you can perhaps subsequently look down but instead of going low with the kick, you throw a head kick instead which would have a much greater chance of landing.

Much like the old adage goes, it is often the shots you don’t expect or don’t see coming that tend to hurt you the worst.

So check out the video below to see how you can use this and similar techniques to help you set up and land the knockout shot, either in competition or in self-defense.

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