Bad@ss Sensei teaches his own self-defense to Brooklyn’s Jewish community

Friday, September 22, 2017

Self-defense skills and martial arts training are always going to be useful and will benefit you tremendously regardless if you ever have to use those skills in an actual self-defense situation.

Luckily, most of us will probably never have to use those skills in a real-life situation but the benefits of martial arts/vault/self-defense training go far beyond that such as an increased level of confidence, getting in great shape, as well as meeting a bunch of new friends too.

In this video from VICE, we find out about a Jewish Sensei named Steve Isaak who’s all about empowering Brookyln’s Jewish community by teaching them self-defense skills.

He’s even developed his own system of self-defense, which he calls Shima jiu-jitsu and is;

“a jiu-jitsu based system with an application of mental control in the form of sub-conscious distraction which is absolutely controlling and needs no strength or speed.”

In the video, we see Isaak break down his style and also go over some knife defense drills. Now, knife defense skills are definitely good to have in your repertoire. However, running away when someone has a knife is always the number one thing to do and regardless of how many rubber knives you’ve disarmed in class, a real knife in the hands of someone meaning to use it is a very different thing that is next to impossible to replicate during training.

Self-defense training isn’t always about who’s got the most kickass moves either, but a big part of self-defense is more about being smart of your surroundings and always being aware when out in public.

This means doing things like not walking around late at night while staring at the phone or having your headphones in either. It’s more about being smart as well as keeping safe and preventing a situation from occurring before it even happens.

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