Heroic man chokes out aggressive, drunk passenger on flight

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A heroic man took matters into his own hands when he intervened on behalf of the flight crew and neutralized an aggressive and drunk passenger with a rear-naked choke.

This incident occurred at London’s Luton Airport after a two-hour flight from Spain to England. According to passengers, the drunk man was causing problems the entire flight and wouldn’t listen to the flight crew’s warnings to quiet down.

Upon landing, the flight crew notified police who were en route but the drunk punk still wasn’t listening.

You can see in the video below when the altercation finally reached a boiling point and a heroic man intervened and effortlessly choked out the unruly, aggressive passenger.

Interestingly enough, the heroic man doesn’t appear to be very young and is at least in his 50s. He also doesn’t appear to be very big either. You would think that the 22-year-old drunk kid would have a physical advantage, but in the video, we see the superior technique of the older man quickly neutralize the young man.

In a humorous turn of events, the rest of the plane cheers loudly when the troublemaker finally gets put in his place, who likely all had enough of his antics after the two-hour late night flight.

This situation also shows you how familiar people are getting with jiu-jitsu, thanks to UFC and MMA. Not many moons ago, a crowd of people might not react the same way when someone gets put in a choke hold as they may not know what he’s trying to do.

But nowadays, most people know that choking someone out is actually quite a gentle way of neutralizing someone vs knocking them out with strikes which is much more violent and harmful in comparison.

After the heroic man chokes him out, the drunk passenger was then restrained and eventually taken into police custody.

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